Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this last week or so

a few from Brinn's camera. More soon from the others....
Morning market that appears every morning along this street then disappears as the sun gets hot.

China does not win the prize for cleanest country in the world. But even it’s dirty looks kinda cool.

the kindergarten on campus. Now those are some wiggly kids.

No need for gargoyles with this guy on your fence.

These little treats come with a plastic glove to eat them with. When we asked why, the shop owner looked at us with genuine confusion “Well your hand would get sticky!”. I'm not sure what jordan is thinking in this picture.

We love the fruit. we love the fruit. oh, how we love the fruit.
Anna Banana



138 postcards

Matt is not a tramp. But Julie sure is a lady.

The 14 passenger van that would take us to places and drive us along roads that made us literally gasp (for many reasons) and oooh around every turn. You simply cannot go to the places we were able to see by train or bus or tour. We loved making our own route and stopping whenever we pleased.

We ended up staying in this amazing little house in a village by a lake, where they made dinner for us completely from things grown in their own fields and garden. Eric and Jordan had a discussion late late into the night with this man about everything from communism under Mao to the use of chopsticks.

Luke and Jordan listening to field recordings. One more amazing thing about this trip is that with Luke’s field recorder, we’ve been able to capture some incredible sounds from out journey which will also be incorporated in to the music we’re making

Matt at work

When we woke in the morning, a small crowd was gathered at their usual spot on small benches on the side of the road. They offered us plastic stools to join them, so we did. Again, if you ever want to get invited to do things in China, bring along a baby.

babies. Anna's foot was fascinating.


Things grow here. Every inch is garden.

We were all in awe of the gorgeous river flowing far down below us. So we told Xiao Wang (driver) to pull on over and we jumped off the cliffs.

Cathedral in the mountain village where Mao stayed for a while during the long march.

portrait of the young mao

this is what stores look like

Tibetan restaurant/room we had a delicious lunch in in a mountain town called Moxi. Matt was pretty excited about filming this beautiful woman making incredible food in her corner kitchen by the window. She asked to see what he filmed. And seemed to approve

Anna's always loved foggy mountain passes

i'm the king of the world. or I'm about to sneeze

hostel  we stayed at in Kangding, western sichuan. Not a garage

Each mountain had these at the summit. We were literally in the clouds.

oh look! A yak!

A little pick up game of b ball with some Tibetan Lamas (monks in training) 

We loved the buildings-- thick stone walls and colorful windows. Wondering how one would look in SLC were Eric and I to build our own.

Tibetan store selling goblets. First thing I thought was Gringotts.

The men of MATTEO now all have matching tailored mandarin collared shirts. Bad pictures. But good news.


  1. I love these pictures, and I love reading your blog! Looking at your pictures feels so much like Cambodia. I can't wait to hear about your adventures once you get home!

  2. AMAZING. I'm excited to see more!

  3. What wonderful pictures. An amazing trip. I want to hear the music you come back with as well as hear the stories...

  4. This is so great. Funniest no trumpets sign. Thank goodness you brought along a team to record everything, right? How incredible. Also, field recording ftw. I hope it's essentially The Books meets China.

  5. great pix & stuff, but I just wanna hear the music