Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our dear listeners will find it no surprise to hear us admit we are absolutely horrible, completely and totally awful, self promoters.  And therefore marketers of our music. We have no aspirations of making it big. We just like to create, and we love the energy and honesty of playing for friends and strangers.

So, we apologize for lack of excessive posts, for close to no tweets, and and overall social media absence. We are not the cool kids in the music scene. But do know we love you. We love to play for you. We love to hear your stories. We are so thankful for your support this year, and hope your holidays have been filled with whatever makes you happiest.

We were honored this month to be on City Weekly's list of top local albums of 2012, alongside some truly fantastic people.

And here's a little song we got together and wrote in association with the kickstarter project.