Wednesday, November 28, 2012

change of status

Things have been happening. And updating this here blog has not been one of those things.  Most most importantly, Jordan decided to take the plunge and wed himself to the girl of his dreamy dreams, Miss (now mrs.) Carlie McCall Romer. 

They celebrated said decision in a barn filled with hay and friends and love and apples (and, of course, music).

With wedding plans and events, Eric working full time and doing graduate school full time,  Luke's desert music sculpting, and an increasingly mobile and vocal one year old, we've had to say no to invites for shows and have instead spent any scrap of time where we can all get together working on the remaining covers for our oh so wonderful kickstarter backers. 

January and February will see us on the road and at home, performing in Spring City, a Mandarin Pedagogy conference in , and a delightful music series at a church on 9th and 9th to name a few.

Hope things are well with you and yours. Thanks, as always, for listening!