Friday, March 16, 2012

We love making music. No big surprise there. But we are always surprised when we hear people love the music we make. Not trying to be overly humble or self deprecating, but when you create a song and send it out into the world, you really never know what it sounds like to the ears of those who didn't help make it. And whether or not people like it, it's still this sort of extension of yourself that you both find immense pleasure in sharing and at the same time feel as if caught in a dream wearing only your underwear.

Exposed some would say.

It seems there are two ways of coping with this as a musician. Route a) You find what people like, and try your best to create something similar. Discover a formula, follow it zealously, and promote promote promote.

Route b) Make music. Make it in whatever style it comes. Ignore any nagging worries people may not like this or comparing it to anything or anyone already out there. Share it.

We are trying route b. We are having a great time doing it. We will not become famous. We are good with that.

But it is always nice to hear someone is moved or made happier for your efforts. That's what music is all about.

We find ourselves almost giddy when people come up to us at concerts or farmers markets and share how much better their day/life is because of our music or when we hear our chinese-american-folk-fusion --not yet even a real genre-- has nonetheless touched someone in some way.

So here's our commitment to stick to route b. And here's to many songs and concerts and sharing to come.

"You guys came and performed at my school, and since then I have been addicted. I just want to thank you so much for changing me for better, and I hope someday you can reach the hearts of many many more."

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