Saturday, September 8, 2012

Delicious Autumn!

Hope you are all well.

Things here are in motion. And at conclusions. And beginnings.

School has started, cherry harvest ended, peach begun. Cooler nights received with open windows and long talks on the grass.  The e.p. is being printed, the videos are wrapping up (both set to release this month).  It has been a summer [post-China] full of concert series, recording vocals, painting Tshirts, chasing a now running baby, mixing and mastering, and loving the beautiful place we all get to live and make music.

We are all really happy with the way both the new recordings and the videos have turned out.  Man we're excited to share them with you! CD release show dates are being finalized, but tentatively the last week of September. We'll let you know.

Here's a great article out in SLUG this month on our trip to China.

We're also this month's featured artist on KCPW's Sounds From the Lounge. A new video will be posted each week of this month, all shot one afternoon in late August in the warm ( AC turned off, real sweaty and cozy) sunny member's lounge.

Thank you as always for your enthusiasm and ears:) We have loved meeting new and old friends each time we play.

'Sweet Sweeping Joy' by Matteo from Sounds From The Lounge on Vimeo.

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