Friday, May 18, 2012

First message from inside.

We're in Chengdu, at the moment, trying desperately to teach Jasmine, the girl who runs our hostel, how to say "Canadian Lawyer." She says "Cladian Noyer" every time. It's very endearing (another word we taught her).

Zheng Han is not, in fact, our contact at Sichuan University. She's some kind of intermediary between Lei Li and the actual people we're supposed to be connecting with. She is, however, a really nice person who speaks English beautifully, and who walked with us for probably 30 minutes.

There are a bunch of people at the Music Conservatory putting on graduation concerts at the moment - Jordan and I have tickets to a solo Guzheng concert tomorrow night. The posters for these concerts are fantastic.

Visited about ten music shops today. Some better than others. Tried to play a Sheng - we both failed. Played a giant Erhu, can't remember what he called it. Bass Erhu of some sort. Giant and funny looking. It was hard.

What else. Oh, the music classes are taught across town from the University, so we'll have to take buses if we want to audit classes. The campus is incredibly beautiful.

Okay, hooray! China! It's crazy. I learned how to count to 100 today. 


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