Thursday, May 31, 2012

things new

                           thing new #1
                                  We audited a Chinese Music history class, taught on the new Sichuan University Campus, a 40 minute drive across town.

                                                      Anna seemed to enjoy her first college course. And the scene, minus blackboards filled with chinese characters, was quite similar to our college classes--most students sat on the back row texting and listening to music, one teacher's pet sat on the front row and helped with AV, and none of them seemed nearly as interested in the subject matter as the professor wished them to be.

                                                       This chair belongs to the University, ok?

We got to watch clips of some pretty classic Chinese films as part of class.


                          Rickshaws do indeed still exist here and are used by many to get around the large campus.

                                   The little emperor. Oh. And his mom.

                                                                             thing new # 2 
Lessons are going well for all of us. Every day from 9:00-11:00 you will find us hard at work mastering new techniques. Well, mastering may be too kind. Becoming aware of our poor technique and drilled on eastern ones. We are lucky to have a whole slew of wonderful teachers with wonderful names. This is my teacher Melody--post erhu lesson and wanting to hold baby.

                                                    thing new #3

We discovered a restaurant where you pick what you want from bins on the street and put it all in a bowl. Said bowl is then dumped into a net in a huge boiling pot. When it's ready, they pour it back in the bowl along with  some of the scalding hot-sauce-numb-your-mouth-and-throat-soup concoction it was cooked in. Not the most sanitary literal hole in the wall we've ever eaten at, but man that stuff was flavorful.


The table of spices that went into the boil boil toil and trouble pot.


                                         Net to bowl in 2.3 seconds. And yes, that is a car. There are three walls on most chinese restaurants. Who needs four, really.

Serve your own rice and warm beverage. Is there even such thing as a too-big rice cooker? I think not.


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  1. One week from today (plus 600 hours of travel time) I'll be joining you in the great land of Chengdu. Can't wait!!!